Natures Beauty: Torrey Pines State Reserve, San Diego, Ca.

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My husband had been telling me for years about the trails at Torrey Pines State Reserve in San Diego and it wasn’t until a few weeks ago that we actually went and I discovered how beautiful, relaxing, joyous, and harmonious these trails are. For some reason I was scared and intimidated by the idea of going on this mountain that is the home to many living creatures and that can pretty much frighten the bejeezus out of me if I came across them. I know, I know I am a scary cat when it comes to face to face animal interaction. My husband on the other hand loves nature, animals, the ocean, and pretty much all of mother natures beauty’s. I not so much but the day had come, I guess I had been putting it off long enough.

When we arrived and saw what I was getting myself into nerves started to kick in but I kept telling myself I can do this. The Reserve is right by the ocean so the sound of the ocean waves gave me some kind of calmness. As we were walking up the mountain and I saw so many people coming and going I felt at ease and figured this is not going to be that bad. Once we reached the top and got to see the incredible views of the ocean I instantly fell in love. I was beating myself up by putting it off for so long. I loved it so much that a few days later we took our daughter and she loved it, of course, she is like daddy on that aspect.The amount of people that continuously visit Torrey Pines State Reserve is overwhelming. It is a great place to explore, take your kids, get a good work out, meditate, clear your head, or just admire natures beauty.

With that said I just went a few days ago all by myself and had a great work out, I meditated, felt harmonious and proud of myself for overcoming my fear of this beautiful place. I truly recommend it to anyone who hasn’t been there it is definitely a must-visit destination if you are in the area of La Jolla, CA. I want to emphasize again how super kid-friendly Torrey Pines State Reserve is. I saw mommies with strollers, toddlers, teenagers, and even a school field trip in the few times that I visited. There is also a  museum and tours available as well for this precious gem that is Torrey Pines State Reserve.

If you would like more information on Torrey Pines State Reserve check out their website:


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