Swap Saludable: Honest Kids Organic Fruit Juice vs Capri Sun

Going through the juice isles at the grocery stores can be like walking into a candy store; sugar, sugar, and more sugar! Can you believe that many juices have a higher sugar (fructose) content than sweetened soft drinks?

Most juices are highly processed and have high-fructose corn syrup which is a huge red flag. High-fructose corn syrup is a cheaper chemically processed man made sweetener that resembles sugar and has been linked to the increased incidence of type II diabetes and weight gain.

So, when I was looking for a juice box for my daughter I wanted to find something that was a healthier, delicious, and not overly sweet option. I ended up finding Honest Kids Organic Juice boxes. My daughter loved it and I was happy because I read the ingredients. I learned that these juices are sweetened only with fruit juice, nothing more. There is no high-fructose corn syrup or any other processed additives in these juices.

The following are flavors from Honest Kids Organic Juice drink: Appley Ever After, Berry Berry Good Lemonade, Goodness Grapeness, Super Fruit Punch, and Tropical Tango Punch. Even their flavor names are deliciously unique. My daughter’s favorite is the Goodness Grapeness but she has liked each flavor. I have even had a couple of the Berry Berry Good Lemonade myself and they are so refreshing and not overly sweet; its a crunch thirster.

Going back to the juice isles at the grocery stores, when I was looking for a healthier juice box option for my daughter and grabbed Honest Kids Organic juice I couldn’t help it notice the Capri Sun juice boxes. I remember drinking these when I was child. I read their ingredients and guess what it has; high-fructose corn syrup. No, no, no!!! Not only does it have high-fructose corn syrup it also has more sodium, sugar, and calories.

A lot of juice companies are sending subliminal messages letting you think that they are healthy, all natural, have less sugar, or have beautiful fruit pictures on their labels indicating that they contain fruit. Read the ingredients. Most of them contain high-fructose corn syrup, are high in sugar, sodium (salt), and calories. Some don’t even have real fruit in them. Our kids may not know what they are drinking but we do. It is up to us to make the healthier choice.

Honest Kids Organic Juice is a healthier juice box option for our kids. It is sweetened only with fruit juice, only 40 calories per pouch, it is Organic, and it has 100% of our daily value of vitamin C. If you have not given Honest Kids a try I highly recommend it. Your kids will enjoy it and will greatly benefit from it because they wont be indulging in overly sweet, chemically processed, and high calorie juices, like many options out there, and that unfortunately are targeted for kids as a “healthy” juice drink.

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Caminando por los pasillos de las tiendas donde estan los jugos puede ser como entrar a una tienda de dulces donde lo único que ves es; azúcar, azúcar y más azúcar. Sabías que la mayoría de los jugos que encuentras en las tiendas tienen más azúcar que un refresco?

Muchos de los jugos que encuentras en el mercado estan demasiado procesados y contienen el ingrediente que nos debe de asustar al verlo en los productos de comida; High-fructose corn syrup. High-fructose corn syrup es un jarabe de maÍz alto en fructosa (azúcar) y se le ha relacionado al diabetes tipo 2 y obesidad. Este endulzante es fabricado no es natural y la razón por la que se hace es porque para las compañias es mucho más barato usarlo como alternativa a la azúcar natural.

Cuando estube buscando un jugo para mi niña que fuera rico y saludable encontré a Honest Kids Organic Juice. Al ver los ingredientes supe que había elegido un buen jugo porque aparte de que es organico (que para mí es preferencia por no contener pesticidas), también es un jugo que esta endulzado solamente usando jugos de frutas. A mi niña le encanto y yo también probé unos y estan deliciosos, refrescantes y no super endulzados como otros jugos. (Arriba en la sección Inglés veran los sabores  y pueden oprimir cada uno y los llevara a la página web para que vean mas sobre estos jugos).

Regresando a los pasillos de las tiendas donde se encuentran los jugos no pude evitar ver los jugos Capri Sun. Yo recuerdo tomar estos jugos cuando yo era niña. Viendo los ingredientes de estos jugos descubrí que tienen High-fructose corn syrup y no sólo eso también contienen más azúcar, sal (sodium) y calorias. No son una buena opción.

Muchas compañias de jugos nos quieren mandar el mensaje de que son naturales, contienen menos azúcar, que son saludables ó que contienen fruta usando dibujos de fruta en sus logos. Pero no hay que dejarnos engañar. Lean los ingredientes. Tal vez nuestros hijos no sepan que estan tomando pero nosostros si. Es nuestro deber darles algo más saludable a nuestros hijos.

Les recomiendo los jugos Honest Kids Organic Juice. Son deliciosos y saludables. Contienen solo 40 calorias, son organicos y contienen el 100% de vitamina C. Son una mejor opción para nuestros pequeños.


Egg vs Flaxseed Meal: Taking traditional baking into a nutritional journey/Huevos vs Semilla de Lino: Transformando nuestros bienes horneados en algo mas saludable

Do you like to bake? Cakes, Cookies, Muffins, or Cupcakes aren’t they delicious? When it comes to making these delicious desserts eggs are usually one of the ingredients in our recipes. Eggs are a great source of protein, potassium, vitamin A, folic acid, and vitamin D. But if you can substitute egg once in a while in your baking in order to vary your nutrient intake with flaxseeds that have more fiber and Omega-3 fatty acids why not give it a try.

A quick breakdown on their nutritional value:
One large egg:
72 Calories    6 grams of Protein    5 grams of Fat

One tablespoon of Flaxseed Meal (1tbsp flaxseed meal + 3 tbsp of water equal 1 egg):
55 Calories    2 grams of Protein    4 grams of Fat

If you are looking to lower your cholesterol and add more Omega-3s fatty acids, add fiber (28% of dietary fiber) to your diet, and vary your nutrient intake I recommend using flaxseed meal. I do have to say that when using flaxseed meal in baking you might not get the same fluffiness as if you were to use eggs because eggs help bake goods rise but they are still as great.

I have made muffins, cupcakes, cakes, and pancakes using flaxseed meal as a substitute but our favorite in our household has got to be chocolate chip oatmeal cookies. If I have walnuts and any dry fruit on hand I make sure to put them in to add more flavor and nutrients. You really can’t tell  that there is no egg in them since cookies don’t really need to rise so they turn out soft and delicious.

I hope you give flaxseed meal a try next time you want to bake some goodies. I have been stocking up thanks to Costco because they have recently added this enormous bag of flaxseed meal into their inventory but you can find flaxseed meal in regular grocery stores. Keep in mind that it is flaxseed meal ground, you might find flaxseeds as a whole but they need to be ground in order to work as an egg substitute.

Just to recap the health benefits of flaxseeds:
– High in Fiber
– Omega 3s fatty acids- they are important for your brain development and growth.
– There is some evidence that they help reduce your risk of heart disease, stroke, and diabetes.
– Has been shown that it helps in reducing hot flashes in menopausal women.
– Contains Lignans which reduce the risk of breast cancer in women and prostate cancer in men.

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Te gusta hacer galletas, pasteles, pastelitos, pancakes o magdalenas? Son muy deliciosos y ricos de hacer. Uno de los ingredientes en común para hacer estas delicias son los huevos. Los huevos son buenos y tienen nutritentes como proteína, potasio, vitamina A, vitamina D y ácido fólico.

Pero si estas cuidando tu colesterol ó gustas agregar más fibra ó redurcir calorias puedes substituir el huevo por la semilla de lino molida. La semilla de lino molida es una muy buena manera de substituir el huevo y agregar mas nutricion a nuestra dieta.

Datos de nutricion de Huevo vs Semilla de Lino:
Un huevo-
72 Calorias 6 gramos de proteína 5 gramos de grasa

Una cucharada de semilla de lino (el equivalante de 1 huevo en semilla de lino es: 1 chucharada de semilla de lino molida + 3 chucharadas de agua)-
55 Calorias 2 gramos de proteína 4 gramos de grasa

Yo he hecho pastelitos, pasteles y pancakes usando la semilla de lino pero en nuestra casa lo favorito son las galletas de chocolate con avena (chocolate chip and oatmeal cookies) y si tengo a la mano alguna fruta seca como cerezas, arándano o chabacano también se los agrego. Saben muy deliciosas y no extrañas el huevo.

Quiero aclarar que si buscas que tus panes (pasteles, pastelitos, etc) salgan esponjosos usando la semilla de lino no te dara esa textura. Ya que ese es el trabajo del huevo, el huevo ayuda a elevar los panes. Pero de vez en cuando agregar la semilla de lino te ayudara a mantener una buena y saludable dieta.

Beneficios de la Semilla de Lino:
– Alto en fibra
– Ácidos grasos Omega 3- estos son muy buenos para tu desarrollo y crecimiento mental. (por eso si puedes hacer galletas o pastelitos usando la semilla de lino para los niños sería estupendo ya que los ayudas a tener un buen desesarollo y cremiento mental. No se daran cuenta y les beneficia mucho)
– Hay evidencia de que ayuda a reducir tus riesgos de ataques al corazón, derrame cerebral y diabetes.
– También ayuda a reducir los calores en mujeres pasando por menopausia.
– Contienen lignanos que ayudan a reducir el riesgo a mujeres del cáncer de seno y a los hombres el cancer de la prostata.

Como ven la semilla de lino es muy nutritiva y buen substituto al huevo. Recuerden esto para la próxima vez que piensen en hacer sus ricos bienes horneados.

Swap Saludable: Lemon Lime Soda/ Soda de Limon

Are you a soda drinker? Looking for a better tasting soda? I have found an Organic, Non GMO, only 60 Calories soda that is by far better than the popular well known sodas out there. It is Veri Organic soda and it is made out of natural ingredients and not the chemically processed ingredients you find in other sodas.

I do want to clarify before I continue that in our household we don’t drink soda. It is mainly water, tea, or  natural juices. I haven’t introduced soda to my daughter and I hope I don’t have to in a long time. But a few weeks ago my husband had an upset stomach and he went to our local market, Sprouts,  to get some ginger ale and came across these Lemon-Lime sodas named Veri. He bought a few and I wanted to give them a try so I tried one.  It was crisp, refreshing, and not overly sweet.

I looked them up online and in their website you can see their ingredients and nutrition facts. Their ingredients are simple and not confusing like the ones you find in other sodas. You start to wonder why all these other sodas have ingredients that you don’t even know what they are unless you look them up and you can’t even pronounce.

I highly recommend you give Veri Organic soda a try. They also have Orange, Cola, and  Ginger Ale flavors. They are organic, Non GMO, and only 60 calories, ummm yeah!!! Summer is just around the corner and if you are a soda drinker and are looking for a healthier and much tastier alternative give Veri soda a try.

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Te gusta tomar soda? Gustas probar una soda mas saludable? Encontre una soda que es Orgánica, Non GMO (no organismo modificado genéticamente), tan solo 60 calorias y sabe mucho mejor que las sodas populares que hay en el mercado. Se llama Veri, es una soda orgánica y esta hecha con ingredientes naturales y no los ingredientes artificiales que las otras sodas común suelen tener.

Antes de continuar quisiera clarificar que en nuestra casa no tomamos soda. Por lo regular es agua, té o jugos naturales. A mi hija no le hemos dado soda y espero que no tengamos que hacerlo en mucho tiempo pero hace unas semanas atras mi esposo se sentía mal del estómago y fue al mercado buscando una bebida refrescante con gas elaborada con jengibre y encontro esta soda de limón. Compró varias y decidí yo tomarme una. Sabe tan refrescante, deliciosa y no super endulzada como las otras sodas que existen.

Las busque en el internet para saber mas de la soda y en su página web tienen los ingredientes y su nutricion. Sus ingredientes son completamente naturales y no procesados y confusos como los que ecuentras en las otras sodas que ni puedes pronunciar. Ocupas un diccionario para saber que signifca cada ingrediente.

Les recomiendo la soda Veri, se que les va a gustar. Los sabores que tienen son de Naranja, Cola, Jengibre y Lima-Limón. Es una soda orgánica, deliciosa y refrescante y recuerden tan solo 60 calorias. Ya se acerca el verano así que para una mejor y más saludable soda prueben Veri.

Eat Puesto…Oh Yes I did…and Loved it!

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In early April my husband and I were planning a date night. Date nights don’t come regularly so we like to make sure we pick a good restaurant if we are going to dinner.

We had seen and heard about the new Puesto location that had opened up at The Headquarters here in San Diego. I started following them on Instagram and I just couldn’t wait to go and try their most raved about food, their tacos. So when date night arrived we both new that Puesto was our restaurant of choice.

Friday night came we made our reservation and it was time to find out for ourselves what this new sensation was all about. As we arrived we were happy at the fact that we had a reservation because it was pretty busy with an hour wait but we got seated right away thanks to our reservation. The restaurant is beautifully crafted to showcase their food and preparation, loved it. Their decor is very unique and welcoming all around even in the bathrooms. Service was great and very friendly.

To start they bring out complimentary chips and salsa and I have to say it was one of my favorite salsas so far that I have tasted. Drinks were divine, I had a Santana and my husband had the Burro Blanco. We ordered as an appetizer the Ceviche de Acapulco and it was so delicious, refreshing, and addicting. A must try! So far everything was exceeding our expectations that we just could not wait for our dinner. We ordered the taco trio (and yes you might think, tacos for dinner? What?) but they are gourmet tacos and at a restaurant not a regular old taco shop. I ordered the Lobster taco, Filet Mignon taco, and the Zucchini and Cactus taco. They blew my mind they are so good.  Each one held its own on taste, uniqueness, and flavor.

I was so happy that we made the choice to come here and try for ourselves this delicious food. Puesto has been added to our list of Favorite Restaurants here in San Diego. We actually went again a couple of weeks ago and this time it was during the day and we took my sister and daughter. We weren’t planing on eating there, not that I didn’t want to, but we were just there showing my sister around and the smell of the food coming out of Puesto was so invigorating that it pulled us right in. My daughter was happy to get her fruit platter and my sister loved her tacos.

I definitely recommend Puesto if you are in the area of San Diego. Its a great restaurant in a great location, with great service, and great food. If you have a chance check out their website here and if you do decide to go and its on a weekend you might want to make a reservation because it does get pretty busy. Thank you Puesto for giving us a great experience, we will most definitely be back!

Hold the Mayo…Avocado Please!/ No Mayonesa…Aguacate Por Favor!

When we think about making ourselves a turkey or chicken sandwich what is one ingredient that comes to mind that we need? Mayonnaise! But did you know that mayo contains approximately 11 grams of fat and 100 calories per serving and that is only one tablespoon. It also contains almost 50% of our daily recommended sodium intake.

As you can see mayo is not a very healthy option and yes it taste great and there are even some “healthy” mayo options out there like, light mayo, olive oil mayo, or canola oil mayo. These mayos may have less calories or fat but in turn might have more sugars, sodium, and unhealthy additives. Bottom line mayo is mayo and it is not a healthy option.

This is where avocado comes in to save the day. Evenly spreading avocado as our base to our sandwich makes for a great start to a healthier and more gratifying sandwich. Avocado is a more natural, healthier, and beneficial alternative to mayo that is processed and full of additives.

Avocado Health Benefits:

– Fiber

– Vitamin E-helps protect you against toxins such as air pollution, eye disorders, neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s and diabetes.

– Folate- This is important for pregnant women because it can help with preventing birth defects

– Potassium- helps to lower blood pressure

– Antioxidants

– Monounsaturated fat- when part of a healthy diet it can limit the intake of saturated fat which helps lower cholesterol

Avocado is by far a healthier and better alternative when it comes to using it in a sandwich as oppose to mayo. Next time you decide to make yourself a sandwich please keep this in mind and give it a try. And since avocado is so good for you, you might want to try it on salads, pasta, as a condiment or even make some guacamole with chips instead of the mayo dips we tend to opt for.

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Cuando pensamos en hacernos un sandwich ya sea de hamon o pavo cual ingrediente se nos viene a la mente que necesitamos? Mayonesa. Pero sabias que la mayonesa es alto en grasas y calorias y tambien contiene casi el 50% de nuestro recomendado consumo de sodio (sal).

Y si se que sabe delicioso y que hay opciones “saludables” de mayonesa en las tiendas como mayonesas de aceite de olivo, mayonesa light o mayonesas de aceite de canola. Pero aunque estas mayonesas puedan parecer saludables no lo son porque podran tener menos calorias pero a estas mayonesas les agregan mas azucar, sodio (sal) y aditivos no saludables. Y la verdad pues mayonesa es mayonesa ya sea “saludable” o no la verdad es que no es una opcion saludable.

Por eso el aguacate llega a rescatar el dia y convertir nuestros sandwiches en algo mas delicioso, saludable y beneficial para nosotros.

El aguacate tiene los siguientes nutrientes:

– Fibra

– Vitamina C y B

– Vitamina E- Nos ayuda a protegernos de las toxinas del aire y polución, enfermedades de los ojos, enfermedades como el Alzheimer’s y diabetes

– Potasio- Ayuda a bajar la presion arterial

– Antioxidantes

– Grasa Insaturada- Esta grasa cuando es parte de nuestra dieta diaria nos puede ayudar a limitar el consumo de las grasas saturadas que ingerimos de nuestras comidas que entorno nos ayuda a bajar el cholesterol.

Como pueden ver el aguacate es una opcion mas saludable en vez de la mayonesa que es un producto procesado y alto en grasas, calorias, y sodio (sal). Les puedo asegurar que no extrañaran la mayonesa cuando se hagan su sandwich con aguacate como la base. Y como el aguacate es tan bueno y saludable porque no usarlo tambien en nuestras ensaladas, pastas, o hacer un guacamole con totopos en vez de esas dips de mayonesa que solemos usar.

Swap Saludable- Jam/Mermelada

I have found a healthy and much more delicious jam alternative to all those popular brands out there. Most of them pride themselves in promoting it by saying their jellys/jams contain real fruit. By looking at the ingredients I realized and asked myself, “where is the “Real” fruit?”

So, when I came across, Crofter’s Organic fruit spread and read the ingredients I bought it, gave it a try, and realized what real fruit in spreads is all about. I bought Crofter’s Organic Four Fruit Spread and had it on my morning toast and it was different just by looking, touching, and smelling it. There were actual pieces of fruit in it, so delicious! It did not taste overly sweet and processed, it tasted like fruit smashed together into this heavenly fruit spread.

I grew up on all those famous well known brands of jams and was use to their overly sugary flavor. But now that I have changed my eating habits and have tried Crofter’s Organic Spread I have been enlightened. My pallet has been revolutionized by fruity goodness.

Now, really quick going back to comparing their ingredients I have posted here the ingredients of the two spreads. As you can see, the famous known brand, contains mainly artificial ingredients. Crofter’s on the other hand shows that they add real fruit to their spreads. Really easy and straight forward. No High Fructose Corn Syrup, which is really not good for us, that will be another topic of mine but remember this, it is NOT good for you! Trust me.

When you get a chance please give Crofter’s Organic Spread a try, you will discover what a real fruit spread should taste like. They have an array of flavors that must be tried. Check out their website here and if you decide to give Crofter’s a try or have any thoughts on this please let me know! I would love to hear from you.

♥    ••••    ♥    ••••    ♥    ••••    ♥    ••••    ♥    ••••    ♥    ••••    ♥    ••••    ♥    ••••    ♥    ••••   ♥

Encontre una mejor alternativa y deliciosa mermelada y se llama Crofter’s Organic Spread. Una de las mas populares mermeladas que hay en las tiendas promueve y se dice tener fruta en sus mermeladas. Pero al ver los ingredientes me tuve que preguntar, en donde esta la fruta?

Asi que cuando encontre esta Mermelada que se llama Crofter’s y mire los ingredientes no dude en comprarla. Con tan solo como se mira, huele, y sabe supe que esta mermelada era diferente y realmente deliciosa. Cuando me hize mi pan tostado y la probe pude probar la diferencia. Tenia pedazos de frutas y no estaba exageradamente dulce.

Yo creci comiendo esas otras mermeladas que se dicen tener fruta y sabores naturales, pero la verdad es que cuando ves los ingredientes te das cuenta que no es cierto. Y luego al probandolas tambien te das cuenta de que estan exagerademente dulces.

Regresando a los ingredientes de estas mermeladas, he puesto aqui los ingredientes. Como pueden ver hay una gran diferencia. Uno de los ingredientes de esa famosa mermelada es, High Fructose Corn Syrup, esto es algo que es procesado y no bueno para nuestra salud. Despues escribire de esto, pero creeanme que no es bueno.

Cuando tengan la oportunidad compren y prueben esta mermelada, Crofter’s Organic Spread, se las recomiendo y se que les gustara. Tienen muchos sabores que se ven deliciosos. Pueden visitar su pagina web http://www.croftersorganic.com y si deciden probarala y tienen algunas preguntas o comentarios por favor diganme. Me gustaria oir de ustedes.