Swap Saludable- Jam/Mermelada

I have found a healthy and much more delicious jam alternative to all those popular brands out there. Most of them pride themselves in promoting it by saying their jellys/jams contain real fruit. By looking at the ingredients I realized and asked myself, “where is the “Real” fruit?”

So, when I came across, Crofter’s Organic fruit spread and read the ingredients I bought it, gave it a try, and realized what real fruit in spreads is all about. I bought Crofter’s Organic Four Fruit Spread and had it on my morning toast and it was different just by looking, touching, and smelling it. There were actual pieces of fruit in it, so delicious! It did not taste overly sweet and processed, it tasted like fruit smashed together into this heavenly fruit spread.

I grew up on all those famous well known brands of jams and was use to their overly sugary flavor. But now that I have changed my eating habits and have tried Crofter’s Organic Spread I have been enlightened. My pallet has been revolutionized by fruity goodness.

Now, really quick going back to comparing their ingredients I have posted here the ingredients of the two spreads. As you can see, the famous known brand, contains mainly artificial ingredients. Crofter’s on the other hand shows that they add real fruit to their spreads. Really easy and straight forward. No High Fructose Corn Syrup, which is really not good for us, that will be another topic of mine but remember this, it is NOT good for you! Trust me.

When you get a chance please give Crofter’s Organic Spread a try, you will discover what a real fruit spread should taste like. They have an array of flavors that must be tried. Check out their website here and if you decide to give Crofter’s a try or have any thoughts on this please let me know! I would love to hear from you.

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Encontre una mejor alternativa y deliciosa mermelada y se llama Crofter’s Organic Spread. Una de las mas populares mermeladas que hay en las tiendas promueve y se dice tener fruta en sus mermeladas. Pero al ver los ingredientes me tuve que preguntar, en donde esta la fruta?

Asi que cuando encontre esta Mermelada que se llama Crofter’s y mire los ingredientes no dude en comprarla. Con tan solo como se mira, huele, y sabe supe que esta mermelada era diferente y realmente deliciosa. Cuando me hize mi pan tostado y la probe pude probar la diferencia. Tenia pedazos de frutas y no estaba exageradamente dulce.

Yo creci comiendo esas otras mermeladas que se dicen tener fruta y sabores naturales, pero la verdad es que cuando ves los ingredientes te das cuenta que no es cierto. Y luego al probandolas tambien te das cuenta de que estan exagerademente dulces.

Regresando a los ingredientes de estas mermeladas, he puesto aqui los ingredientes. Como pueden ver hay una gran diferencia. Uno de los ingredientes de esa famosa mermelada es, High Fructose Corn Syrup, esto es algo que es procesado y no bueno para nuestra salud. Despues escribire de esto, pero creeanme que no es bueno.

Cuando tengan la oportunidad compren y prueben esta mermelada, Crofter’s Organic Spread, se las recomiendo y se que les gustara. Tienen muchos sabores que se ven deliciosos. Pueden visitar su pagina web http://www.croftersorganic.com y si deciden probarala y tienen algunas preguntas o comentarios por favor diganme. Me gustaria oir de ustedes.


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