Eat Puesto…Oh Yes I did…and Loved it!

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In early April my husband and I were planning a date night. Date nights don’t come regularly so we like to make sure we pick a good restaurant if we are going to dinner.

We had seen and heard about the new Puesto location that had opened up at The Headquarters here in San Diego. I started following them on Instagram and I just couldn’t wait to go and try their most raved about food, their tacos. So when date night arrived we both new that Puesto was our restaurant of choice.

Friday night came we made our reservation and it was time to find out for ourselves what this new sensation was all about. As we arrived we were happy at the fact that we had a reservation because it was pretty busy with an hour wait but we got seated right away thanks to our reservation. The restaurant is beautifully crafted to showcase their food and preparation, loved it. Their decor is very unique and welcoming all around even in the bathrooms. Service was great and very friendly.

To start they bring out complimentary chips and salsa and I have to say it was one of my favorite salsas so far that I have tasted. Drinks were divine, I had a Santana and my husband had the Burro Blanco. We ordered as an appetizer the Ceviche de Acapulco and it was so delicious, refreshing, and addicting. A must try! So far everything was exceeding our expectations that we just could not wait for our dinner. We ordered the taco trio (and yes you might think, tacos for dinner? What?) but they are gourmet tacos and at a restaurant not a regular old taco shop. I ordered the Lobster taco, Filet Mignon taco, and the Zucchini and Cactus taco. They blew my mind they are so good.  Each one held its own on taste, uniqueness, and flavor.

I was so happy that we made the choice to come here and try for ourselves this delicious food. Puesto has been added to our list of Favorite Restaurants here in San Diego. We actually went again a couple of weeks ago and this time it was during the day and we took my sister and daughter. We weren’t planing on eating there, not that I didn’t want to, but we were just there showing my sister around and the smell of the food coming out of Puesto was so invigorating that it pulled us right in. My daughter was happy to get her fruit platter and my sister loved her tacos.

I definitely recommend Puesto if you are in the area of San Diego. Its a great restaurant in a great location, with great service, and great food. If you have a chance check out their website here and if you do decide to go and its on a weekend you might want to make a reservation because it does get pretty busy. Thank you Puesto for giving us a great experience, we will most definitely be back!


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