♫ Formas/Shapes ♫


Por donde quiera que yo voy, veo diferentes formas.

Por todos lados veo yo, diferentes formas.

Everywhere I go, I see different shapes.

Everywhere I look, I see different shapes.

Círculo, Circle

Triángulo, Triangle

Cuadrado, Square

Rectangulo, Rectangle

Diamante, Diamond

Estrella, Star

Óvalo, Oval

Esfera, Sphere

Corazón, Heart

Escrita y Compuesta por Monica M. Rosenberg
Written and Composed by Monica M. Rosenberg



Healthy Swap: Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Surface Scrub vs Comet with Bleach Cleanser

Mrs. Meyers vs CometMy new favorite and healthy swap cleaning product is Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Surface Scrub in lavender scent as oppose to Comet with Bleach Scrubbing Cleanser because I like to use good and safe cleaning products to make my life and our home a safe environment.

I bought Mrs. Meyers Surface Scrub because it reminded me of Comet, it is a powder consistency and I remember growing up my mom always cleaning with Comet. My mom would spread it all over the bathtub, toilet, sinks, oven, or any area she wanted to do a deep clean on. She would let it rest for a while so it could be easier to scrub.

I never thought anything of it growing up but one of the main ingredients in this scrub is bleach and reading the container the following warning signs caught my attention:

– Keep out of reach of children and Pets.
– Moderately Irritating to Eyes, Skin and Mucus Membrane.
– Avoid contact with eyes, skin, or clothing.
– In case of accidental contact, wash skin thouroughly with water. If irritation develops or persists, contact a doctor.
– In case of accidental eye contact, immediately flush eyes with plenty of water for 20 minutes. Remove any contact lenses after first 5 minutes and continue to flush eyes with water. If irritation develops or persists, contact a doctor.

I understand it is a cleaning product and most of these cautions are reasonable. What caught my attention was the caution in all capital letters that read; HARMFUL IF SWALLOWED OR INHALED. As we use this cleaner we are inhaling it. It is inevitable and most likely your family members present will be inhaling it too, so why use it if it’s harmful?

Mrs. Meyers Surface Scrub is a product with essential oils and at least 98% naturally derived ingredients and the following cautions are stated on the label:
– Irritant.
– Avoid eye contact.
– Keep out of reach of children and pets.
– If product gets in eyes, flush with water for 15 minutes.
– If swallowed, drink a glassful of water. Consult physician if irritation perists.

Big difference on the caution labels. Besides, the fragance of lavender in Mrs. Meyer’s surface scrub is very pleasent. Not to forget that it is actually very good in cleaning all areas of your home. I have used it to clean my kitchen counters, the bathroom, and stove just to mention a few and it has been great and gentle on surfaces. It is a safer and much more gentle cleaner for your home and family.

Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day also carry many other great products like detergents, dish soaps, candles, and many more. Visit their webiste to learn more about this wonderful company and their better, healthier, and safer products.

♥    ••••    ♥    ••••    ♥    ••••    ♥    ••••    ♥    ••••    ♥    ••••    ♥    ••••    ♥    ••••    ♥    ••••   ♥

Mi nuevo y más saludable producto de limpieza favorito es Mrs. Meyers Clean Day Surface Scrub en comparación a Comet with Bleach Scrubbing Cleanser. Me gusta usar productos de limpieza que sean buenos y seguros para hacer mi vida y nuestro hogar un ambiente saludable.

Compré Mrs. Meyers porque me recordó a Comet, es igual en cuestion de que los dos son limpiadores en forma de polvo y recuerdo que mi mamá lo usaba. Mi mamá lo usaba para limpiar los baños, lavabos, bañera, horno o cualquier otra area que ocupara limpieza. Lo dejaba reposar durante un rato para que fuera más fácil de limpiar.

Nunca le puse atención a los ingredientes y advertencias del limpiador Comet hasta que recientemente comparé los dos productos y me llamo mucho la atención las advertencias en las etiquetas. Las advertencias de Comet son las siguientes:

– Mantener fuera del alcance de niños y mascotas.
– Moderamente irritante para los ojos, la piel, y la membrana mucosa.
– Evite el contacto con los ojos, la piel o la ropa.
– En caso de contacto accidental, lavar la piel cuidadosamente en agua. En caso de irritación o persiste, pongase en contacto con un médico.
– En caso de contacto accidental con los ojos, lavar los ojos inmediatamente con abundante agua durante 20 minutos. Retirar lentes de contacto después de los primeros 5 minutos y continue enjuagando los ojos con agua. En caso de irritación o persiste, pongase en contacto con un médico.

Entiendo que es un producto de limpieza y la mayoría de estas precauciones son razonables. Lo que me llamó la atención fue la precaución con todas las letras mayúsculas que leen ; NOCIVO SI SE TRAGA O INHALA. Cuando usamos este limpiador lo estamos inhalando. Es inevitable y muy probablemente miembros de su familia presente lo estaran inhalando también, ¿ por qué usarlo si es dañino?

Mrs. Meyers Surface Scrub es un producto con aceites esenciales y al menos un 98% de ingredientes de origen natural y las precauciones siguientes se indican en la etiqueta :
– Irritante.
– Evite el contacto con los ojos .
– Mantener fuera del alcance de los niños y las mascotas.
– Si el producto entra en los ojos, lávelos con agua durante 15 minutos.
– En caso de ingestión, beber un vaso de agua. Consulte con el médico si persiste irritación.

Una gran diferencia en las etiquetas de precaución. Además, la fragancia de lavanda es muy agradable. No hay que olvidar que en realidad es muy bueno en la limpieza de todas las áreas de su casa. Lo he utilizado para limpiar mis mostradores de la cocina, el baño, horno sólo por mencionar algunos y ha sido genial. Es un limpiador seguro y menos dañino para su hogar y familia.

Mrs. Meyers Clean Day también producen muchos otros productos que son muy buenos como detergentes, jabón para trastes, velas y mucho mas. Visiten su página web para mas sobre esta compañía y sus productos que son más saludables y seguros para nuestra casa y familia.

♫Los Días de la Semana/The Days of the Week♫

Los Días de la Semana/ The Days of the Week

¿Cuantos días hay en una semana? Siete

Lunes, Martes, Miércoles, Jueves, Viernes, Sábado, Domingo

Lunes, Martes, Miércoles, Jueves, Viernes, Sábado, Domingo

How many days in a week? Seven

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday

Escrita y Compuesta por Monica M. Rosenberg
Written and Composed by Monica M. Rosenberg



♫ Frutas/Fruits ♫

Frutas, Fruits

Me gusta la fruta,
I like fruit
Me gusta la fruta,
I like fruit

Manzana, Apple
Naranja, Orange
Uvas, Grapes
Fresas, Strawberries

Plátano, Banana
Durazno, Peach
Ciruela, Plum
Pera, Pear

Sandia, Watermelon
Frambuesas, Rasberries
Cerezas, Cherries
Toronja, Grapefruit

Piña, Pineapple
Mango, Mango
Arándanos, Blueberries
Melón, Melon
Guayaba, Guava

Escrita y Compuesta por Monica M. Rosenberg
Written and Composed by Monica M. Rosenberg


♫Me Gusta Hacer Muchas Cosas/ I Like to Do Many Things♫

Me Gusta Hacer Muchas Cosas/ I Like to Do Many Things

Me gusta hacer muchas cosas,
I like to do many things

Me gusta cantar, I like to sing
Me gusta bailar, I like to dance

Me gusta correr, I like to run
Me gusta saltar, I like to jump

Me gusta leer, I like to read
Me gusta aprender, I like to learn

Me gusta dibujar, I like to draw
Me gusta pintar, I like to paint

Me gusta comer, I like to eat
Me gusta dormir, I like to sleep

Son tantas las cosas que me gustan hacer que cuando llega la mañana las vuelvo hacer.
So many things that I like to do that when the morning comes, I do them all over again.

Escrita y Compuesta por Monica M. Rosenberg
Written and Composed by Monica M. Rosenberg

Healthy Swap: Beanitos Chile Lime Puffs vs Sabritones

Beanitos Chile Lime Puffs vs Sabritones

Beanitos Chile Lime Puffs vs Sabritones

I want to start off by saying that I grew up eating Sabritones. It was one of my favorite chips, maybe top three. Now that my whole lifestyle has slowly but surely evolved and progressed to a more healthy lifestyle I sometimes find myself craving those comforting and exciting snacks that I had growing up. Like pastries, cookies, cereals, drinks or chips.

This is why I strive to look for products that can provide me with that same comfort feeling and taste, fit into my healthy lifestyle, and won’t give me too much of a guilty feeling when indulging.

With that said, I recently went to my local Sprouts and spotted Beanitos Chile Lime Puffs. I didn’t even think twice as I grabbed them and placed them in my shopping cart. I mean Chile, Lime, Pufffs; what else could I ask for? I was so excited to get home and give them a try. As I opened up the bag I felt like a little girl anxiously awaiting for yummy goodness. I was not disappointed; they were deliciously addicting.

This is so bizzare because not too long ago I was at a family get together and Sabritones were amongst the chips in the food table and I was inclined to take a few just for good old times sake. Biggest mistake! They were so salty and I couldn’t even eat more than one. I don’t know if it’s because my palate has changed but I just could not believe how salty they were and that I would eat these chips as a child.

Now that I started reading and doing my research on these two products I knew it was a Healthy Swap I wanted to share with you. If you can easily substitute something that you like for something that is better for you but still delivers on taste; why not make the switch?

Sabritones contain 150 calories, 10g total fat, 690mg sodium, and artificial flavors.

Beanitos Chile Lime Puffs contain 120 calories, 4g total fat, 130mg sodium, 0g trans fat, are made with whole navy beans, no preservatives, and no MSG.

A big difference in the ingredients and nutrition; not to mention the sodium. No wonder I thought Sabritones were too salty, 690mg sodium, that is a lot.

If you like chile lime chips and sometimes crave for them; I highly recommend Beanitos Chile Lime Puffs. They will be perfect for the upcoming Superbowl-A great party snack! Beanitos also carry many other yummy chips that I highly recommend. Hope you give them a try.

♥    ••••    ♥    ••••    ♥    ••••    ♥    ••••    ♥    ••••    ♥    ••••    ♥    ••••    ♥    ••••    ♥    ••••   ♥

Yo crecí comiendo Sabritones, eran unas de mis papitas favoritas. Pero ahora que poco a poco mi vida a cambiado y trato de llevar un estilo de vida más saludable no dejo de recordar y desear comidas que crecí comiendo; como galletas, cereales, bebidas ó papitas.

Es por eso que me esfuerzo a encontrar productos de comida que me proporcionen con la misma satisfacción y confort pero que son mejor en ingredientes y nutrición.

Recientemente en la tienda de Sprouts encontré Beanitos Chile Lime Puffs y no dude en comprarlas. Al solo ver el empaquetado me recordaron a las papitas de Sabritones. Al probarlas me di cuenta que había encontrado algo similar a Sabritones pero de mucha mejor calidad. Es curioso porque no hace mucho tiempo en una reunión familiar había Sabritones como parte de las botanas. Y no pude resistir en agarrar unas pero no pude comer mas de una; se me hicieron muy saladas.

Ya que me puse a investigar y leer sobre estos dos productos me doy cuenta de que si puedes sustituir productos de comida que te brindan con el mismo sabor, con mejores ingredientes, mejor nutrición y te satisfacen  a productos que si tal vez son ricos pero que no te brindan mucho en cuestión de nutrición, ¿porque no hacerlo?

Sabritones contiene 150 calorías, 10g grasas totales, 690mg sodio y sabores artificiales.

Beanitos Chile Lime Puffs contiene 120 calorías, 4g grasas total, 130mg sodio, 0g grasas trans, hechos con frijoles blancos, no conservantes artificiales y no glutamato monosódico.

Una gran diferencia en su nutrición y en el sodio. ¿Vieron la gran diferencia del sodio entre estas dos papitas? Es grandísima.

Si ustedes son fans de Sabritones ó de papitas con chile y limón, les recomiendo Beanitos Chile Lime Puffs. Aparte de este sabor Beanitos también producen otras papitas que son muy deliciosas y la clave aquí del porque son mejor en su nutrición es porque el ingrediente principal son frijoles. ¿Papitas hechas de frijoles? Si, oyeron bien y son muy ricas y creánme que no se darán cuenta de que contienen frijol. Estas papitas son ideales para el Superbowl que se apróxima.

Buenos Productos: Essentia Hydration Perfected Water

Essentia Water


Is one of your New Year’s Resolutions to get fit? When you work out do you feel very dehydrated? Well, Essentia Water can provide you with the proper hydration that your body needs. When your body is dehydrated it may cause your joints to get stiff, your muscles get sore, and your concentration and performance fades. Therefore proper hydration is crucial to maintain and balance your new healthy lifestyle goals.

We sometimes tend to forget that drinking water is part of our healthy lifestyle. We focus on having an excercise plan and a healthy diet but water is lost in the plan. Water provides us with hydration which gives our body energy to function at its best.

Essentia’s proprietary process adds the perfect blend of electrolytes to purified water and then is ionized, creating a distinctive alkaline 9.5pH water to help your body stay properly hydrated. I love the taste and the fact that it is really refreshing. I also recently was feeling under the weather and drinking Essentia Water and its electrolytes really helped me stay hydrated and gave me that extra boost.

I recommend Essentia Water and that is why it has become a new favorite of mine and a Buen Producto on my count.

 ♥    ••••    ♥    ••••    ♥    ••••    ♥    ••••    ♥    ••••    ♥    ••••    ♥    ••••    ♥    ••••    ♥    ••••   ♥

¿Uno te tus propósitos para el año nuevo es ponerte en forma? ¿Cuando haces ejercicio te sientes muy deshidratado? Y que tal si les digo que Essentia Water puede proporcionarte la correcta hidratación que su cuerpo necesita. Cuando su cuerpo esta deshidratado puede causar que sus articulaciones se endurezcan, sufrir de músculos adoloridos y que su concentración y rendimiento se desvanezca. Por lo tanto la hidratación adecuada es crucial para mantener y equilibrar sus nuevas metas de llevar una vida más saludable.

Suele suceder que olvidamos que el agua forma parte de nuestro estilo de vida saludable. Nos enfocamos en tener un plan de ejercicio y una dieta saludable, pero el agua se pierde en el plan. El agua nos proporciona hidratación que da energía a nuestro cuerpo para que funcione.

Essentia Water añade la mezcla perfecta de electrólitos a agua purificada y luego se ioniza, la creación de un distintivo 9.5 pH agua alcalina para ayudar a su cuerpo a mantenerse bien hidratado. Me fascina el sabor y es muy refrescante. Recientemente estuve enferma y beber Essentia Water con sus electrólitos realmente me ayudo a mantenerme hidratada y darme ese empujonsito que necesitaba.

¡Yo les recomiendo Essentia Water y es por eso que por mi cuenta es un Buen Producto!

21 Days of Grinchmas at Universal Studios Hollywood

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year…At Universal Studios Hollywood with a Grinchmas Extravaganza!!!

As annual pass members we were invited to the kickoff event Grinchmas Wholiday Season at Universal Studios Hollywood. It is a great event taking place weekends December 6-14 and daily December 19-January 3. As part of the event you can take pictures with the Grinch and his dog Max, storytime with Cindy Lou-Who, a 60 foot Grinchmas Tree, Wholiday performers, cookie decorating, ornament making, and much more.

We had a fantastic time being part of the tree lighting event. Los Angeles Mayor was there to present the first ever Grinchmas Mayoral Proclamation and helped commence the festivities with the tree lighting, fireworks, and performances by the lovely Wholiday singers. Also in attendance actress Yvette Nicole Brown (“Community”, “Family Guy”), actress Alexa Pena Vega (“Nashville”, “Spy Kids”), and actor Carlos Pena Vega (“Big Time Rust”, “The Pinguins of Madagascar”).

As part of this Holiday Season my daughter had recently seen the movie, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, with Jim Carrey and loved it. She keeps watching it over and over. She especially likes the part when they look back to when the Grinch was a baby because she thinks baby Grinch is really cute. So when we told her we were going she was exited to find a baby Grinch to bring back home. We did find baby Grinch and I think her night was pretty much made!

Universal Studios is usually a spectacular place to visit but right now it is more Cheerful and Merry with beautiful holiday decorations all throughout the park. If you have the opportunity to visit Universal Studios during this holiday season we highly recommend it, you won’t be disappointed.

♥    ••••    ♥    ••••    ♥    ••••    ♥    ••••    ♥    ••••    ♥    ••••    ♥    ••••    ♥    ••••    ♥    ••••   ♥

Como miembros de pases anuales de los Estudios Universal Hollywood fuimos invitados a ser partes del inicio de Grinchmas el pasado Jueves, 04 de diciembre que es un evento que se llevará acabo en estas fechas Navideñas.

Grinchmas empieza el fin de semana de Diciembre 06 al 14 y todos los días empezando el 19 de Diciembre al 3 Enero. Como parte de la temporada de Grinchmas podrás tomarte fotos con el Grinch y su perro Max, habrá la hora del cuento con Cindy Lou-Who, árbol de Navidad de 60 pies, actuaciones musicales de Martha May Whovier y los Who Dolls, decoraciones de galletas y ardonos y mucho más .

El alcalde de Los Ángeles, Eric Garcetti, presentó la primera Proclamación Mayoral de Grinchmas, que ayudó a iniciar las festividades con la iluminación del árbol, fuegos artificiales, y la actuación de Los Wholiday. También asistió la Actriz Yvette Nicole Brown (“Community”, “Family Guy”) actriz Alexa Pena Vega (“Nashville”, “Spy Kids”) y actor Carlos Pena Vega (“Big Time Rust”, “The Pinguins of Madagascar”) que formaron parte de este gran celebración y ayudaron con la iluminación del árbol de Navidad.

Mi hija recientemente vio la película, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, con la actuación del actor Jim Carrey como el Grinch y cuando le dijimos que íbamos a ir a verlo puso una sonrisa de oídi a oído. Su parte favorita de la película es cuando recuerdan cuando el Grinch era un bebé. Le fascina esta parte que la ve una y otra vez más. Dice que el Grinch de bebé esta muy curiosito.  Asi que tenía la esperanza de encontrar el mono de peluche del Grinch de bebe para traérlo a casa y sí lo encontramos y estaba muy contenta.

Estudios Universal esta muy bonito en esta temporada Navideña. Si usted tiene la oportunidad de visitar el parque no se sentirán decepcionados. Grinchmas esta incluído en el precio de la entrada a Estudios Universal. Universal Studios City Walk también vale la pena visitar ya que por todos los pasillos podrás apreciar de hermosas decoraciones Navideñas.

Healthy Swap: Dr. Praeger’s Lightly Breaded Fishies vs. Gorton’s Fish Sticks

My daughter has become my second pair of eyes at grocery stores which makes her the best grocery shopping partner. I love the fact that she notices items that I don’t and that she gets excited in trying new things.

She was the one that spotted Dr. Praeger’s Kids Lightly Breaded Fishies at Wholefoods Market. I think that what caught her attention first was the fact that Dora the Explorer was on the box but that was just a plus because when I read the ingredients I was convinced these were a great alternative to all the popular brands out there of breaded fish. I did let her know that they were breaded fish not chicken because she didn’t really know what they were, like I said she just saw Dora the Explorer and aimed at them but she wanted to try them.

When we opened the package at home we noticed that they were lightly breaded just as the package states,  fun shapes for the kids, and they smelled really good. Once baked they turned nice and golden and not greasy at all. My daughter ended up loving them. I tasted one myself and I liked the fact that they were not salty or greasy.

We greatly recommend Dr. Praeger’s Lightly Breaded Fishies. These fishies are 90 calories, 40 from fat, 4g total fat, 1g of sugars, and only 210 mg of sodium. A great alternative as oppose to a popular brand of fish sticks like, Gorton’s Fish Sticks which have 210 calories, 100 from fat, 11g total fat, 3g of sugars, and 310 mg of sodium. A big difference in the numbers not to mention the ingredients.

The ingredients in Dr. Praeger’s Lightly Breaded Fishies are simple and understandable for example minced Alaskan pollock, unbleached flour, salt, garlic powder, onion powder, garlic and pepper just to mention a few. The ingredients in Gorton’s Fish Sticks read more like a chemistry project. For example: minced alaska pollock, enriched bleached wheat flour, niacin, thiamin mononitrate, cotton seed and/or soybean oil, sodium aluminum phosphate, natural flavor, tripolyphosphate, and TBHQ.

TBHQ caught my attention because I had no idea what it was so I decided to read on it. It is a chemical preservative which is used in foods to delay the onset of rancidness and greatly extends the storage life of foods. Unfortunately the FDA does approve it but doesn’t necessarily make it safe. Consumed in large quantities it can cause nausea, delirium, and vomiting.

Overall, we highly recommend Dr. Praeger’s Lightly Breaded Fishies because they are light, crispy, fun shapes, delicious, and not greasy fish sticks. I am sure your children will greatly enjoy them. We found them at Wholefoods Market but you can visit their website for a store locator near you.

♥    ••••    ♥    ••••    ♥    ••••    ♥    ••••    ♥    ••••    ♥    ••••    ♥    ••••    ♥    ••••    ♥    ••••   ♥

Mi hija se a convertido en mi segundo par de ojos en los supermercados porque ella suele encontrar productos que yo no necesariamente alcanzo a ver. Y le fascina comprar y probar nuevos productos de comida.

En este caso ella fue la que miro estos pescados empanizados de Dr. Praeger’s. Aunque creo que lo que le llamo la atención primero fue que Dora la Exploradora estaba en el envuelto pero al verlos y leer los ingredientes sabía que era una buena compra para que mi niña los probará.

Al abrirlos en casa me di cuenta que estaban levemente empanizados, estaban en figuras divertidas, olian rico y no se sentían grasosos. Y ya cocinados se veían y olían deliciosos y no estaban grasosos. A mi hija le fascinaron y a mi también porque no estan salados.

Les recomendamos estos pescados empanizados, Dr. Praeger’s Lightly Breaded Fishies. Contienen soló 90 calorías, 40 calorías de grasa, 4g de grasa total, 1g de azúcares y 210 mg de sodio. Son una muy buena alternativa a pescados empanizados de marca popular como, Gorton’s Fish Sticks, que contienen 210 calorías, 100 calorías de grasa, 11g de grasa total, 3g de azúcares y 310 mg de sodio. Una gran diferencia en las cantidades de nutrición y esto sin mencionar los ingredientes.

Los ingredientes de Dr. Paeger’s Lightly Breaded Fishies son simples y entendibles por ejemplo: Pescado Alaskan Pollock, harina sin blanquear, sal, ajo en polvo, cebolla en polvo, ajo y pimienta. Los ingredientes de Gorton’s Fish Sticks se leén mas como un experimento de química por ejemplo: Pescado de Alaskan Pollock, harina de trigo blanqueada enriquecida, niacina, mononitrato de tiamina, aceite de semilla de algodón/aceite de soja, fosfato de sodio y aluminio, sabores naturales, dextrosa, trypolyphosphate y TBHQ.

TBHQ me llamo la atención porque la verdad no sabía que era así que me puse a investigar. Es un conservante químico que se usa en productos de comida para retrasar la aparición de rancidez y se extiende en gran medida la vida de almacenamiento de los alimentos. Es aprobado por el FDA (Administracion de Alimentos y Medicamentos) pero no necesariamente lo hace saludable. Consumido en grandes cantidades puede provocar nausea, delirio y vomito. Este es uno de algunos additivos agregrados que en mi opinion son inecesarios y peligrosos.

Les recomendamos Dr. Praeger’s Lightly Breaded Fishies, porque son deliciosos, levemente empanizados, en formas divertidas para los niños, no estan salados y grasosos. Nosotras los encontramos en la tienda Wholefoods Market pero puedes visitar su pagina web para encontrar una tienda serca de ti.

Club MomMe Family Fall Fest 2014: My first event as a blogger!

I had the pleasure to attend this years Club MomMe Family Fall Fest Event in Palos Verdes this past Sunday, November 9th. It was extra exciting for me and couldn’t be more grateful for this opportunity because it was my first event as a blogger.  My husband and daughter went with me and as a family we had a wonderful time.
My daughter and I at Club MomMe Family Fall Fest 2014
This magnificent event put on by Club MomMe is an opportunity to try, see, experience, and get to know products and companies that are great for the family. I was able to see lots of familiar products and got to know some new ones. There was also a panel discussion focused on work, life, and balance that included Journalist Lisa Ling, TV Host and Actress Tamera Mowry-Housley, Co-Founder of Petunia Handbags Denai Jones, Radio Host and Best Selling Author Samantha Ettus, and Jamie Lynne Grumet from the cover of Time Magazine- Are you Mom Enough?.

Panel Discussion

Listening to this panel discussion enlightened me so much. I realized that I am not alone on many things that sometimes I feel that I am. I loved hearing from Samantha Ettus that she makes it a point to make every Friday or Saturday a date night with her husband. She said that if you think about it and discuss it, “should we go?”, “should we get a babysitter?” most likely you wont go; but if it’s scheduled it will happen. In my case it is hard to go out on dates because we have no family close by to babysit our daughter but we do need to make it a priority. I will definitely follow her advice. Another thing that caught my attention that Tamera Mowry-Housley said was to learn to let things go. As mothers we have a certain way to do things and take care of our little ones but when Daddy or someone else doesn’t do it like we would we tend to control and would rather have us take care of it. By doing this we are not helping us at all we need to learn to let it go and understand that Dad can do things too and however they do them is ok. Daddys are learning too and we need to give them that opportunity. I loved this panel and learned so much.

Some of the Companies present were:

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Mixed Up Clothing–  A beautiful and unique multiethnic children’s clothing line with fashionable clothes. I had been wanting to meet them and I had the pleasure to do so in this event. My daughter loved the dresses on display.

Essentia Water: Hydration Perfected- A water with electrolytes that is clean and smooth tasting to help your body stay properly hydrated.

Re-Play– Recycled tableware. These were a success with my daughter they are so fun and practical.

Bundle Organic Juices– Organic Prenatal Juice full of great nutrients.

Sprinkles Cupcakes– Famous and delicious cupcakes.

Babyganics– Better and safer baby products. We have just started using their Eczema Care Skin Protectant Cream and it has worked wonders. I will be writing about their products more in upcoming post.

Trunki– Fun and innovative travel gear.

Mendocino Farms– Delicious food.

Kind Healthy Grains– Delicious and healthy nut bars.

Lakeshore Learning Store– A great store for learning toys, crafts, and teacher materials.

Pressed Juicery– Tasty juices.

Macaroni Frames– We received a beautifully wrapped frame from Macaroni Frames and my daughter loved it. A beautiful gift of a special captured memory to send to friends and family. Loved it!

Townsley Portraits– A great photographer, Stuart Townsley, with a great vision for captured memories. Please visit his website for more information on their photography.

Overall a great Sunday afternoon at a great event for our family. I learned, enjoyed, and met so many amazing people. I would like to thank Delia Douglas from DDHPR for the invite and for making this experience a special one. I would also like to thank Club MomMe for an amazing event that gives us families a place to learn, have fun, and enjoy in great company.