Benefits of Tamarind/Beneficios del Tamarindo

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Saw some beautiful tamarind at Whole Foods Market in La Jolla and did not hesitate to buy because I was craving a tall glass of cold tamarind water. Before making the water I decided to research  the nutrients of tamarind and found out some interesting facts. I have been drinking tamarind water since I was young and never really knew how many nutrients it has and how beneficial it is. So, lets make some tamarind water and drink up. Cheers 🙂

Benefits of Tamarind:

  • Rich in antioxidants
  • Helps body digest food
  • Promotes healthy heart
  • Lowers cholesterol
  • Boosts metabolism
  • Improves immune system and can help fight colds, coughs, flu, etc.
  • Refreshing enough to help cure sunstroke

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Mire una cajita de tamarindo en la tienda Whole Foods Market en La Jolla que me llamo mucho la atención y no dude en comprarla ya que se me antojo hacer agua de tamarindo. Antes de ponerme hacer el agua decidí investigar los nutrientes del tamarindo y descubrí que el tamarindo tiene muchos nutrientes. Yo crecí tomando agua de tamarindo pero no sabía de lo bueno que es para uno. Así que hacer una agua de tamarindo y a tomarnos un vasisto de agua bien fresca!!! Salud 🙂


Beneficios del Tamarindo:

  • Ayuda con la digestión
  • Ayuda a bajar el colesterol
  • Aumenta el metabolismo
  • Ayuda a mejorar tu sistema inmune puede ayudar a combatir resfriados, tos, gripa, etc
  • Refrescante y ayuda a combatir los golpes de calor
  • Vitamina C y Complejo B


Sundays at Mario’s de La Mesa Restaurant

Mario’s De La Mesa Restaurant has been our go-to restaurant for delicious and comforting Mexican food. My parents and sisters love this place and we have made it a tradition to go there for Sunday breakfast/brunch whenever we get together.

We just went this past Sunday and one of the waitress complemented my daughter and mentioned how much she has grown and then it hit me, we have been coming here for more than ten years now. They have seen me single, married, pregnant and now as a mother. Crazy!!!

With that said, the staff and service is always friendly, it is family owned and has been serving the community of La Mesa since 1982. The food is like mamá’s home cooking very comforting and delicious. From the Menudo, huevos rancheros, machaca con huevo, carne asada plate, and of course my favorite chilaquiles verdes. Delicious!!!

Also, to make it even better on Sundays they have all you can eat buñuelo chips and complimentary fruit salad. The fruit salad is similar to ambrosia salad it has apples, celery, raisins, pineapple, papaya, and coconut flakes in a sweet cinnamon cream sauce. Very, very good! Actually I remember when I was pregnant I came here more than usual just for that little taster cup of salad they provide because I would really crave it.

So, whenever you are in the town of La Mesa in San Diego please stop by you wont regret it. I have gone a couple of times during the week for dinner and it is great but like I said we prefer going there on Sundays for the delicious Mexican breakfast dishes, complimentary fruit salad, and buñuelo chips.

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