Our visit to the San Diego Zoo/Nuestra Visita al Zoológico de San Diego

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We visited the San Diego Zoo this past Saturday and it was so much fun. Not to mention that kids have free admission all month of October, yes you heard right, free!!! Kids under the age of 11 years old enter free. This just made the trip a little extra exciting.
I remember taking Natalia when she was two years old and she pretty much slept half the time we were there. This time around she was walking around, asking questions, she had a list of animals she wanted to see and carried the map (map the zoo provides with location of animals) leading us to her next must see stop. It was a completely different experience. A more engaging experience.
As soon as we entered since we noticed that there was hardly any line for the bus tour we decided to make that our first stop since it gives you a tour of all the park and we wanted to make sure we had the chance to see as many animals as possible since it was a pretty hot day and riding a bus seemed pretty appropriate in order to cover as much ground. We highly recommend the bus tour since you really do get to see a lot in a comfortable manner.
The zoo provides so much food options and eating areas that in case you get hungry you have plenty to choose from but if you really want to save and enjoy your own food you can bring along all of your favorite snacks and food in your tote bag or backpack. It really is a family friendly place where you can enjoy the animals as well as your own food and snacks.
There are also great animal shows throughout the day, an Ice Age 4-D theater, skyfari arial tram, many children play areas and much more.
Not to mention all of the animals that you can see. My daughter really wanted to see the pandas and although there is a line you have to go through to see them it went really fast and we didn’t mind it at all because the pandas are just too cute. Currently they have a panda cub and his mom which you really should not miss the opportunity to see them, they are too cute. In addition to the pandas we saw a beautiful polar bear, lions, tigers, elephants, monkeys, tortoise, frogs, crocodiles, reptiles, birds, koalas, flamingos, zebras, and many more. There are just too many to list.
The San Diego Zoo really is a wonderful and family friendly place to visit. Did I mention kids have free admission all month of October? Just an added perk to visit the amazing and beautiful San Diego Zoo.

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Este sábado pasado visitamos el zoológico de San Diego y fue muy divertido. Sin olvidar de mencionar que en todo el mes de Octubre los niños entran gratis. Sí oyeron bien, gratis!!! Niños menores de 11 años de edad entran gratis. Esto es solo una razón mas por la cual visitar el zoológico.
Recuerdo que llevamos a Natalia cuando ella tenía dos años de edad y casi durmió la mitad del tiempo que estuvimos allí. Esta vez ella estaba caminando, haciendo preguntas, tenía una lista de animales que quería ver y traía el mapa (mapa que el zoológico ofrece con la ubicación de los animales ) indicándonos donde estaban los animales y cuales ella quería ver. Fue una experiencia completamente diferente. Una experiencia mas interactiva.
En cuanto entramos al zoológico nos dimos cuenta de que casi no había línea para el autobús turístico y decidimos hacer el tour de camión nuestra primera parada , ya que le da un recorrido por todo el parque y queríamos asegurarnos de ver lo mas posible ya que era un día muy caluroso y viajar en un autobús era bastante adecuado con el fin de cubrir lo mas que se pudiera. Recomendamos el recorrido en autobús , ya que realmente llegas a ver mucho y en una manera muy cómoda.
El zoológico ofrece varias opciones de comida al igual que zonas para comer en caso de que les de hambre tendran de mucho de donde escoger, pero si realmente quieres ahorrar y disfrutar de tu propia comida la puedes traer en tu bolso de mano ó mochila. Realmente es un lugar familiar donde se puede disfrutar de los animales, así como tu propia comida y aperitivos.
También hay grandes espectáculos con animales durante el día, un teatro 4 – D de la película Ice Age, una tranvía arial llamada skyfari, muchas áreas de juego para los niños y mucho más .
Hay tantos animales que puedes ver en el zoológico. Mi hija realmente quería ver a los pandas y aunque hay una línea que se tiene que hacer para poder verlos se fue muy rápido y no nos importó en lo absoluto ya que los pandas son demasiado lindos y valen la pena esperar para verlos. Actualmente se ecuentran un cachorro y su madre, que no se puede dejar de ver. Además de los pandas vimos un hermoso oso polar, leones , tigres, elefantes , monos , tortugas, ranas , cocodrilos , reptiles , aves , koalas , flamencos , cebras , y muchos más. Son demasiados para mencionarlos a todos.
El zoológico de San Diego es un maravilloso lugar familiar y agradable para visitar. Ah, y ¿mencioné que los niños entran gratis todo el mes de octubre? Es sólo una ventaja adicional para visitar el increíble y hermoso zoológico de San Diego.


Natalia’s Frozen Theme Birthday Cake by Cake in Mission Hills San Diego

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My daughter’s birthday was approaching and one of the key components to her Birthday celebration is her cake. I had made it a tradition since her cake for her first birthday was just too precious that I wanted to continue getting her nice custom cakes for her birthdays.

As her birthday got closer I was looking forward to going to Hans and Harry’s Bakery in Bonita which is where I have been getting her cakes done since her first birthday. They have always been super nice and have been great in creating custom cakes for us according to our birthday theme. Not to mention delicious cakes. This years theme was Frozen.

Unfortunately, when I arrived to Hans and Harry’s Bakery I discovered that they no longer create custom cakes. I was in complete shock with this curve ball. I was told that the owner thought that they were taking too long creating  custom cakes and no longer wanted to provide them. I was very sad to hear this because I know I am not the only one that will pay for these once a year beautiful custom cakes but it was time to move on, I guess.

It is hard to find a bakery that not only makes great cakes but that they taste good as well. So I started searching online and going on Yelp to see what other bakery I could go to. I ended up deciding to check out Cake in Mission Hills San Diego and was so happy to be welcomed and received with such great customer service. It put me at ease because like I mentioned before for us the cake is the main focus to my daughter’s birthday celebrations. My daughter looks forward to her cake, the first two years not so much because she was too young but since last year (her 3rd birthday) and this year she has been greatly involved in her cake creation. Cake bakery was kind enough to listen to what we wanted as far as the decoration for the cake. I even had a picture with me as an idea of what we wanted and they said they could do it and even make it better; they told me not to worry that they were going to take care of us. I felt and knew that I could trust them.

The day had arrived to celebrate Natalia’s birthday and I was busy taking care of some things at home so I asked my husband to pick up the cake. My daughter and I were anxiously awaiting for the cake to arrive. When we saw it we fell in love. My daughter’s eyes sparkled with happiness. I was so thankful and grateful and new immediately that sometimes things happen for a reason. It was meant for us to switch bakeries. Cake did an amazing job with the cake. The Olaf, made out of chocolate, that they created was just too cute. Also, you should know that they don’t use fondant on their cakes (fondant is that thick icing that is used to decorate or sculpt cakes) they use butter cream frosting which in my opinion is a lot better than the fondant that usually ends up just being a blanket of icing you don’t really eat.

If you are looking for delicious cake, beautiful creations, great customer service and just in general a great bakery do not look any further and give Cake in Mission Hills San Diego a try. Love it, I recommend it, and I will definitely be back. Thanks again Cake for saving the day and giving us and awesome cake that not only was the highlight of my daughter’s birthday celebration but it was a huge success with everyone and specially with the Birthday Girl.

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Se acerba el cumpleaños de mi hija y para nosotros uno de los detalles principales para las celebraciones de cumpleaños de mi hija es el pastel. Desde el primer año que ordené su pastel para su cumpleaños me gusto tanto que decidí en hacerlo una tradición. No importa si la celebración es chica ó grande el pastel siempre será el centro de atención de su fiesta.

Y como cada año ya sabía en donde iba a ordernar el pastel porque la panadería, Hans and Harry’s Bakery, de Bonita, Ca ha sido el lugar que nos ha hecho los pasteles desde el primer año. Estaba muy emocionada de ir a la panadería y ordernar el pastel. Cuando llego a la panadería me dicen que ya no hacen pasteles personalizados. Me dijeron que el dueño decidió ya no hacerlos porque se tardaban mucho y por eso los descarto. Me quede muy decepcionada y a la vez un poco desconcertada porque ahora que iba hacer.

Es muy difícil encontrar una panadería donde no solo hacen bonitos pasteles pero que también estén buenos. Me puse investigar por Internet y buscando en Yelp otras panaderías para ver a donde iba ir ahora. Me decidí por Cake en Mission Hills San Diego y cuando llegué me recibieron muy bien. Yo llevaba una foto de la idea que quería para el pastel y me dijeron que si lo podían hacer y hasta mejor. Me dijeron que no me preocupara que ellos se iban a encargar de hacerlo bonito y especial para mi hija. Me hicieron sentir muy bien que supe que podía confiar en ellas.

Se llego el día y como yo estaba ocupada haciendo otras cosas en casa le pedí a mi esposo que si podía recoger el pastel. Mi hija y yo estábamos ansiosas por ver el pastel. Cuando llego mi esposo con el pastel nos quedamos con la boca abierta. A mi hija le brillaban los ojos de felicidad. Les quedo el pastel hermoso y hasta hicieron un Olaf de chocolate. También quiero mencionar que el pastel estaba delicioso. Cuando ví el pastel me di cuenta que por algo pasan las cosas tal vez ya era hora de cambiar de panaderías.

Quedamos muy satisfechos con el pastel, estaba riquísimo, nos dieron buen servicio y regresaremos otra vez. La tradición de tener un pastel hermoso y decorado del tema de la fiesta continuo y mi hija estuvo muy contenta. Gracias a Cake por su maravilloso trabajo. Se los recomiendo.

Eat Puesto…Oh Yes I did…and Loved it!

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In early April my husband and I were planning a date night. Date nights don’t come regularly so we like to make sure we pick a good restaurant if we are going to dinner.

We had seen and heard about the new Puesto location that had opened up at The Headquarters here in San Diego. I started following them on Instagram and I just couldn’t wait to go and try their most raved about food, their tacos. So when date night arrived we both new that Puesto was our restaurant of choice.

Friday night came we made our reservation and it was time to find out for ourselves what this new sensation was all about. As we arrived we were happy at the fact that we had a reservation because it was pretty busy with an hour wait but we got seated right away thanks to our reservation. The restaurant is beautifully crafted to showcase their food and preparation, loved it. Their decor is very unique and welcoming all around even in the bathrooms. Service was great and very friendly.

To start they bring out complimentary chips and salsa and I have to say it was one of my favorite salsas so far that I have tasted. Drinks were divine, I had a Santana and my husband had the Burro Blanco. We ordered as an appetizer the Ceviche de Acapulco and it was so delicious, refreshing, and addicting. A must try! So far everything was exceeding our expectations that we just could not wait for our dinner. We ordered the taco trio (and yes you might think, tacos for dinner? What?) but they are gourmet tacos and at a restaurant not a regular old taco shop. I ordered the Lobster taco, Filet Mignon taco, and the Zucchini and Cactus taco. They blew my mind they are so good.  Each one held its own on taste, uniqueness, and flavor.

I was so happy that we made the choice to come here and try for ourselves this delicious food. Puesto has been added to our list of Favorite Restaurants here in San Diego. We actually went again a couple of weeks ago and this time it was during the day and we took my sister and daughter. We weren’t planing on eating there, not that I didn’t want to, but we were just there showing my sister around and the smell of the food coming out of Puesto was so invigorating that it pulled us right in. My daughter was happy to get her fruit platter and my sister loved her tacos.

I definitely recommend Puesto if you are in the area of San Diego. Its a great restaurant in a great location, with great service, and great food. If you have a chance check out their website here and if you do decide to go and its on a weekend you might want to make a reservation because it does get pretty busy. Thank you Puesto for giving us a great experience, we will most definitely be back!